• 02:45 Li Tu - Sean Van Rensburg Tennis : UTR Pro Tennis Series. Adelaide
  • 03:00 Matthew Dellavedova - Chase Ferguson Tennis : UTR Pro Tennis Series. Melbourne
  • 03:00 Black Stars - Yellow Stars Volleyball : Canaveral League
  • 03:10 Goffin (cyber) - Chung (cyber) Tennis : AO. Cyber tournament
  • 03:30 Everton (cyber) - Liverpool (cyber) Football : PES 2020. England. Premier League
  • 03:30 Ural Military - Ural Riders Volleyball : Ural League
  • 03:35 Los Angeles Lakers (Squonck) - Los Angeles Clippers (amuralex) Basketball : NBA 2K20. Liga Pro Challenge tour
  • 03:35 Astra (Women) - Iset (Women) Volleyball : Ural League 2. Women
  • 03:45 HIST - ECON Football : Student League
  • 03:45 Mikhail Leonov - Denis Dinislamov Table Tennis : Masters
  • 03:45 Aleksandr Volkov - Yuriy Merkushin Table Tennis : Pro League
  • 03:45 Denis Sayanov - Alexey Afanasyev Table Tennis : Pro League
  • 03:45 Oleg Suharkov - Igor Poletaev Table Tennis : Pro League
  • 03:46 Bulls - Grizzly Ice Hockey : Grand tour
  • 03:50 Minnesota Timberwolves (cyber) - Utah Jazz (cyber) Basketball : NBA 2K20. Cyber
  • 03:50 Real Madrid (5x5) - Barcelona (5x5) Football : CFL. Championship
  • 03:50 Bencic (cyber) - Radwanska (cyber) Tennis : AO. Cyber tournament. Women
  • 03:53 Raiders (red) - Gunners (blue) Basketball : Rocket League
  • 04:00 Manchester United - Ajax Football : FIFA. Elite League
  • 04:00 Golden State Warriors (cyber) - Los Angeles Clippers (cyber) Basketball : NBA 2K20. Cyber
  • 04:00 Moscow Kremlevci - Siniye Tigry Ice Hockey : Russia. League Pro
  • 04:00 Merseyside - BVB Football : Nacional League
  • 04:00 Trinidad and Tobago (mr_meskalito) - Canada (Schastlivchick) Volleyball : Challenge Tour. Women
  • 04:00 Klinki - Gonchary Football : Soccer Box 2x2
  • 04:00 Japan (Amateur) Women - China (Amateur) Women Volleyball : Kung Ladies League
  • 04:00 Igor Zaitsev - Roman Korolev Table Tennis : Pro Spin Series. League A
  • 04:00 Dynamo (Amateur) - CSKA (Amateur) Football : RPL 6x6
  • 04:02 Anna Kondratova - Viktoriya Klimchenko Table Tennis : Masters. Women
  • 04:03 Belarus (3С…3) - Ukraine (3С…3) Football : USSR. 3x3. Division B
  • 04:03 Dmitriy Zaharkin - Alexander Tishin Tennis : Russian River Cup
  • 04:05 Germany (cyber) - France (cyber) Football : FIFA. Cyber PRO League
  • 04:05 Yuriy Solovey - Anatoly Gorelkin Table Tennis : Pro Spin Series. League B
  • 04:05 Belgium (cyber) - France (cyber) Football : FIFA. Cyber PRO League
  • 04:05 Daniil Budov - Eduard Biaskosty Tennis : Daily Pro Tour
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